Try your hand at milking a cow or even hold our python!

Milk a Cow!

So many times when we ask the question of kids, 'Where does milk come from?' We hear them say...'From the supermarket!' 

Let the kids experience first hand the joy of milking a cow for the first time and then they can see where milk really comes from! Our friendly farmer who milks one of our cows during the farm show will show the kids how to milk properly... which often comes with a quick squirt at their feet... followed by a quick squeal of excitement! 

And it's not just for the kids... mums and dads, anyone and everyone can have a turn!

Our Cow Milking Show takes place every day at 11am and 2.30pm.

Hold a Python!

What kid isn't a little bit curious about reptiles? Our reptile show is a half-hour presentation with information about all our different types of reptiles is a highlight of the day. Three different types of lizards local to the area and one or two pythons make up the show. The Reptile Show is a very interactive presentation loved by children of all ages. After the show, 10 minutes of reptile handling for the children allows them to feel the difference between all of our lizards, and allows them photos of them patting one of our pythons.

Our Reptile Show is on at 12.30pm Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays and School Holidays.