ALL animals welcome

Cows at Farm Barn


Murray Greys, Friesians, Highlands, Jerseys, an Aryshire, a Brahman, a Gelbvieh and a Black Angus all live here on the farm in the paddocks. Come and milk Daisy the cow and bottle feed the calves. Learn about where milk comes from during the farm show too.

Sheep at Farm Barn


Our sheep can usually be seen grazing on grass in the paddocks. Baby lambs are born on the farm every 3 months so there are always little ones to pat and bottle feed. A small flock of Black Faced Suffolks have also just arrived to call the farm their home.

Kangaroos at Farm Barn


You can see Eastern Grey and Red kangaroos here on the farm. They love to put their paws around your hands while you feed them!


Ponies at Farm Barn


We have 3 Miniature ponies on the farm. But don't forget about 'Bonnie' our beautiful black Shetland pony, she's 10.2 hands tall and loves to give pony rides on weekend and school holidays.

Donkeys at Farm barn


Meet 'Jenny' and 'Jack' our new donkeys. Jack is a white donkey and Jenny is our female.

Deer at Farm Barn


Our deer are extremely friendly and are sure to give you a warm welcome as you enter our wildlife park to hand feed them!


Goats at Farm Barn


Such personality these creatures have! Watch the baby kids jump on your back if you kneel down on all fours in their pens! And the bigger goats will follow you around in the paddock

Reptiles at Farm Barn


Pythons, Blue-Tongue, Shingleback, and Bearded Dragon lizards as well as Painted Dragons can all be seen in their glass enclosures and you can even hold the python or lizards if you dare! Come along on a weekends, public and school holidays, and participate in our reptile show at 12:30 each day.

Emus at Farm Barn


Emus are native to Australia and are the second largest bird around, after their relative the Ostrich. We have two emus on the farm and they'll come over for a piece of carrot or two if you want to feed them.


Ostrich at Farm Barn


'Elle' has long legs just as you would imagine! She's a flightless bird but boy can she run very fast! And she lays the biggest eggs of any living bird on the planet! 

Peacocks at Farm Barn


Actually called Peafowl, we have both males, called peacocks and females, called peahens. Our boys have beautiful eye-spotted feathers and our girls are a greyish brown.

Chicken at Farm Barn


See chickens at all stages of the chicken lifecycle. Watch them hatch in the incubator, hold the chicks, and see the hens and rooster often clucking around the farm.


Rabbits at Farm Barn


We have two hutches of Lop Eared rabbits on the farm. There are soooo many gorgeous bunnies to cuddle - a female rabbit, called a 'Doe' will have babies every 4 weeks!

Guinea pigs at Farm Barn

Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are not really pigs at all are they! Our guinea pigs live in two pens alongside the rabbits. We always have lots of these cute little fellas too! Did you know that they can eat two and a half times their body weight every day?!




We have Indian Runner, Pekin and Muscovy ducks here wandering around on the farm. They might follow you around because they are quite partial to the kangaroo pellets in your feed bags! And the ducklings are so gorgeous!


Meet our camel, "Sasha"! Sasha was a circus performer before she came to us! She is about 8 years old, and loves bread and carrots as treats.